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Since 1994 (413) 575-6067 PO Box 583 • East Longmeadow, MA 01028

Tent Rental Company Serving Western MA and Northern CT for 30 Years

Tent Rental Offerings

  • Backyard parties
  • Weddings
  • Special events
  • Corporate functions
  • Any event from 20 to 2000 guests
  • Tents, all types and sizes.
  • 20′ x 20′ to 60′ x 180′
  • Custom tent lighting – our exclusive custom Nite Lights
  • Privacy window walls
  • Climate control, heat and AC
  • Tables and chairs
  • Dance floors
  • Staging, fencing, draperies
  • And so much more
  • Tent pricing includes delivery to most areas
  • Ask about our exclusive “Nite Lights”, custom lighting to enhance your event, day or night…
Somers, CT, Bridal Shower, 20'x40'
Springfield, MA, Private Party, 20'x30'
Chicopee MA, Elms College, 60'x120'
Springfield, MA, Trinity Church, 20'x20'

Tent Rental Company Based on Personalized Service

An open letter from the owner of Fantasy Tent Rentals:

Time was when a website was something new and exciting. Today everyone has something to say, kind of every one of us gets to “toot our own horn” and some have become very good horn players, ie: beautifully created websites with wonderful stuff said and lots of great pictures, but are they authentic? Do these so called party rental companies actually have or have access to all they are showing? Photos that are taken from other sites or manufacturers catalog photos and words promising great things, but are they for real? Every photo on our site, are actual photos of our jobs.

Started in 1994, Fantasy Tent Rentals was sort of an accidental beginning. I bought a beat up dirty used tent from a local rental business for a family function. I cleaned it spotless, had it repaired and it looked almost new! Due to my years of customer service and business background (since 1980),  strangers started calling me saying “I hear you have a tent for rent” which I actually did not, but I figured why not, I might as well rent it out, and that was the beginning of Fantasy Tent Rentals. I started buying more and more tents, tables, chairs, staging, lighting and so much more to fill the different needs customers were asking for.

Tent Rentals With Personal Service

Since 1994 and actually before that, my business attitude has been give 110% and you will succeed. Do a better than average job, do an excellent job, give outstanding service, AAA+ products, fair pricing and stick to that pricing (no hidden fees). Listen to the customer’s needs and do everything possible to make their event unforgettable… and you will succeed. Today, hardly anyone is willing to make that commitment and if they do it is short lived.

In today’s party rental marketplace, too many companies are about grabbing all the “bananas” and make as much as possible from each customer. They unfortunately will never get it and tent and party rental companies are some of the worst. I have seen it, fast money and unsuspecting customers and they move on to the next. According to them there is another customer waiting on the phone. This does of course exclude a few quality companies that I like to reciprocate business with and sometimes refer my own customers to.

Word of Mouth…Unheard of Today

For years our customer base was based on word of mouth, as you can tell I have been around this business since 1994 and I am just now, in 2018 putting up a website. How does someone survive in business, expand that business and keep customer loyalty year after year for 24 years. Ask any of our past customers, they are the answer.

Here is only one of dozens of notes received over the years from a satisfied woman in Somers, Connecticut.

I have always dedicated myself to service, intricate details on every job, very fair and comfortable pricing, on time service, quality tents, tables and chairs. Except for my first tent in 1994, every tent is purchased new from only the best rated manufacturers and before they are junk pulled from inventory and sold. All of my tents are spotless, no dirt, mold or mildew which is very common on rental tents, not ours! There are some that call me anal, if what I am describing above is anal, then what are the ones doing the name calling, they certainly not business oriented or customer oriented.

There are some that use civil service and military background to win your trust, family photos with children or grandchildren or other touching photos, stories, or moments, and these people are actually more than likely good people. In the business world, it doesn’t replace integrity and years of business trust awarded by my customers. My four brothers and I have all served in the military but we leave it at that. We are not looking for pats on the back or thank yous for our service; it’s just what we did and did it with “quiet honor”. For service in Germany, to the Cuban Missile Crisis, to Vietnam we all services with “quiet honor”.

In 1994, I started with two slogans, “Make that event the best it can be with a tent from Fantasy Tests”, and “A Fantasy Tent is always the centerpiece of any outdoor event…rain or shine!” I really mean it and still do.

Talking is so much better.

I don’t email or text, I would rather talk with you on the phone or in person. We both will enjoy doing business with each other and the spoken word has so much more clarification and more to offer than the typed word. I will be glad to visit with you at your event site to measure and give whatever info I can help with the pre-planning of your event; this is a free service even if you choose not to use our services. Please feel free to telephone me anytime and if you don’t reach me please leave a voicemail with a telephone number where I may reach you. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

After 24 years, I guess it was time.

I guess after all these years it was time to put up a website, but I could not do so without telling you a bit about myself, my business philosophy and about my loyalty to my customers as well as their loyalty to me, and to send up a few skyrockets as to what to watch out for when renting party equipment. Fluff and flowers is easy, one thing you learn about me is upfront truth and integrity.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I do hope I one day have the opportunity to serve you and your family as I have so many others over the years.

Joe - Fantasy Tent Rentals

(413) 575-6067